Kure for your Second Life

I hope to make this blog into something different. I hope to have people come look and get interested in my creations! I will be posting a lot of things I find and use in my creations from the SL community. I truly want to see creators and business alike along with shoppers grow. So I will hunt out a great lil’ promotional find by another creator and I will either make a house or furniture or something to go along with the promotional item they are offering. Rule being it must be 10L and under. And a promotional item.  I feel this will be an extremly fun challange! All items will be offered and LM for everyone to go and grab!!  Until then check out Kure Homes and Decor on Chintaru in SLife!!! Adding new stuff as I create!!! 


Peace n Smiles ChiiImage

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2 Responses to Kure for your Second Life

  1. onechii says:

    Chair and Vanity with Mirror and candleabra avail at Kure on Chintaru in Second Life!!

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